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Government Employee Giving CFC #86886

Government Employee Giving
CFC #86886



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3rd Annual Guardian Ball

3rd Annual Guardian Ball

Meet the Wyakin Warriors by clicking on the Facebook link.

Who are the Wyakin Warriors?

The Wyakin Warrior Foundation® is a 501 c(3) nonprofit organization providing a full-spectrum education and professional development program for severely wounded, injured, or ill Post 9/11 veterans, designed for collegiate success and resulting in a rewarding career after graduation.  Through its Wyakin Wounded Warrior Academy™, the Foundation provides:

      • A multi-layered mentoring program (up to five mentors per Wyakin Warrior).
      • Professional Development – monthly seminars given by leaders in business, government and other professional fields.
      • Financial support (complementing the GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation) for up to 60 months.
      • Community Service project – To demonstrate opportunity and ability to become servant leaders and role models.
      • Robust networking designed to facilitate job placement.
      • Annual, proactive follow up to monitor physical, emotional and professional status (Wyakin Warrior for Life).

Wyakin in the Spotlight

Watch the video of the Wyakin Warrior program at Boise State (6 min)

Watch the KTVB report (click on the image)


James Nealey (photo by Adam Eschbach/IPT)