About the Program

The Wyakin Warrior Foundation™ is a nonprofit organization providing a comprehensive training package for wounded and injured veterans to include:

  1. A multi-faceted mentoring program (up to five mentors per Wyakin Warrior).
  2. Professional Development – monthly seminars given by leaders in business, government and other professional fields.
  3. Financial Support (complementing the GI Bill or Vocational Rehabilitation) for up to 60 months.
  4. Community Service project – To demonstrate opportunity and ability to become servant leaders and role models.
  5. Robust networking designed to facilitate job placement.
  6. Annual, proactive follow up to monitor physical, emotional and professional status (Wyakin Warrior for Life).

The Wyakin Warrior program specifically targets severely wounded, injured, or ill veterans who have the interest and motivation to contribute as leaders in business, government and/or their communities; but lack the education and training to do so.  We provide both.


Each Wyakin Warrior will be hosted by mentors at the national, local and campus levels.

Professional Mentor – Each veteran will be sponsored by the nation’s top leaders in business, government, or the military. The national-level leaders will be assigned one Wyakin Warrior and asked to follow the veteran for up to three years: the two years prior to graduation plus one year following graduation. They will contact their Wyakin Warrior at least quarterly, and the Foundation will pay for one face-to-face meeting each year while the student is in school.

Community Mentor – Each Wyakin Warrior will be “adopted” by a volunteer in the local area. In some cases, the local veterans may be local contacts for the various Wounded Warrior programs sponsored by the individual services (Marine Corps: Wounded Warrior Regiment; Navy: Navy Safe Harbor; Army and Air Force: Wounded Warrior Program; SOCOM: SOCOM Care Coalition).

Peer Mentors – More of a buddy system, each Wyakin Warrior will be introduced to as many as three fellow students attending the same school who will be his/her on-campus companions. The peer mentors will assist the student veteran with orientation and assimilation into campus life.

If your are interested in volunteering as a mentor please submit your information here.

Connecting People

Do you know someone who might be interested in becoming a Wyakin Warrior? Drop us an email and we’ll get in touch with them.

Send the name and email (or phone number) of the potential candidate to: info@wyakin.org